Ecological packaging solutions

About Company

FORPET is a unique project which is based on Austrian and German technologies entirely dedicated:
- to ecological solutions for packaging,
- to saving trees,
- to significant decrease of CO2 emission.

The team of packaging practicing professionals together with Austrian company NGR – world leader and patent owner in PET plastic recycling technology and German company Lestritz* – world leader and patent owner in twin screw extruders, developed and patented foamed recycled PET plastic material and shapes which can effectively replace cardboard and polystyrene (harmful plastic) in different packaging applications.

The most known existing packaging applications to be replaced:
- corrugated cardboard boxes,
- tetra pack type laminated cardboard boxes,
- coffee to go cups from laminated paper and polystyrene lids.

Economically all FORPET solutions cheaper vs existing applications. Ecologically – easily 100% recyclable without any limits, at least 4 times less CO2 emission vs paper and saving big number of trees – if all solutions implemented, then minimum 50 000 km2 of forest saved annually.

Communication with world leading companies confirmed huge interest to FORPET packaging solutions. The Startup “FORPET” was successfully launched. NGR, Leistritz and Marbach support all trials needed for the project.